Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rabbit Stew

I admit, I only bought the rabbit because I could. I saw it in the store and knew it had to be done. But I actually really like it. It's mild, almost undistinguishable from chicken, and very low-fat and lean. I can credit meine lieben deutschen Mutter for introducing me to the fine world of Hasenpfeffer, and it made me a little homesick once I got it all cooked up.

Mmm… bunny! I decided to pair it with carrots and a green squash similar to zucchini, but you can add potatoes, turnips, whatever you've got.

I started out by sautéing the meat in butter and garlic, using the "low" heat on my burner. After it was well-browned, I salted and peppered it, and then added in the chopped vegetables.

When everything was browned, I added chicken broth and let it simmer on low. The vegetables softened pretty quickly, maybe 15 minutes at the most, and the meat was easy to tear apart.

I was rather excited to surprise my husband with the mystery meat but I'm afraid the guessing game was a little more fun for him than the actual eating. It's a very mild flavor, and was one that "belonged in the North Countries," I believe he said. He wanted to add hot sauce to it. Spicy rabbit? I'm not even sure how that would work but I'm sure there are plenty of Chinese people who would love to introduce us.

Final verdict: the Hausfrau loved the rabbit stew; the Mann wanted something fatty and spicy and these white people were just not getting it right. Oh well, you can't win them all.

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