Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fake Noodles

You may have noticed a paucity of starchy things on here of late. It's because I have realized I'm slightly gluten intolerant and because the Husband Man is on a paleo-type diet. But don't we eat well anyway? We like to pretend so.

Well, this is just a quick advertisement for one of the best things we've found for anyone else who wants to avoid wheat/carbohydrates or simply find a high-protein alternative to traditional fried noodles - fake noodles. Specifically, a local specialty called Yangzhou dou gan si. (Yangzhou is a nearby town, dou is short for tofu, gan means dried, and si means strips) I've found them for the amazingly cheap price of about 4 or 5 kuai at BHG. Ask around to see where else might have them - maybe little tofu booths in the market or a Chinese market if you're in the states.

Of course, you could also use real, fresh noodles made of flour here, but wheat products make me weep bitter tears of jealousy and regret so if you're gonna do that don't tell me about it.

I usually stir fry about 1/2 pound (1/2 jin) of ground pork with diced garlic and ginger, greens (qingcai or bocai), red bell pepper, or anything you like, flavoring it with soy sauce/hot sauce/chicken broth - you know the drill, and then adding the tofu noodles towards the end. They won't really need to cook so much, just stir them up enough to get the sauce all over them - it's easiest if you stir with chopsticks. Then you drizzle a little sesame oil over them and enjoy!

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