Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meatball Madness

We are a family who enjoys our meatballs. They're a really tasty change of pace, and you can do anything you like with them. Like, for example, giving them as Valentine's Day gifts.

You can thank me for the inspiration later.

The easiest way to make meatballs here is for us to take about 1/2 pound (1/2 jin) of ground pork, mix in diced garlic and ginger at the least, and then whatever else you've got - green onions are nice - hot sauce, soy sauce, salt, kimchi (!) - whatever you like. Mix one egg in at the end to bind everything together.

Then you've just got the unenviable job of making them into little golfball-sized spheres with your hands, but you can make quick work of it.

Fry them up in shallow oil in a wok, turning them carefully with chopsticks a couple times. I like to keep the lid on whenever possible, because it takes a while for the oil to stop spitting at all the fresh vegetables it finds. When they're evenly browned you can cut one open to make sure it's cooked through, and then serve with stir fried cabbage or greens!

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