Sunday, January 31, 2010

So much time, so little to do...

Wait... strike that; reverse it.

We've been having more culinary adventures than we can handle of late. I'm working on two big posts for you, but meanwhile here is a handful of snapshots from recent moments of awesomeness.

The night French House Friend and I talked about what they do in France with pears in chocolate and made mischief of one kind and another:

that's the extra pâte brisée I had in the freezer with a little flour and sugar in the bottom, pears dusted in nutmeg, and chocolate ganache poured on top. Chocolate ganache made with 60% cocoa chips, that is, because this was dark and dangerous business.

The leftover chicken stock from Jimmy's white chicken chili became, with the help of carrots, celery, garlic and some homemade noodles, a pot of magic for what ails you:

Homemade noodles are SO MUCH EASIER than anyone would have you believe. Flour, a little salt, and eggs. Seriously, that's all. Then you knead it, roll it out as thin as you can and slice it as thin as you can. You can fold/roll the dough before you slice it for really long noodles.

Those were days never to be forgotten; the days when the Chinese roommate cooks:

Tofu with black bean sauce

Eggs and tomatoes. Who would have known that Chinese people could create such wonderful poetry with eggs, tomatoes and a little salt?

Small green onions mixed with tofu. That's the name of this dish. Sesame oil and salt and you're set for life.

The lovely chef poses for a publicity shot

Party on a plate!

The happy populace.

Zhu Nimen de Sheng Ri Kuai Le, or, how you say, in your country? Happy birthday Hui Lian and Yao Ming! We wish you plenty of happiness, health, money and chocolate ganache in the coming year.


  1. Oh! The cake turned out so well! I think the coins were a good plan

  2. Lovely cake. Lovely soup. Lovely Tofu. Oh, and nobody's surprised that you're mixed up in dark and dangerous business. That's kind of how you roll.