Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Culinary Adventures in Hong Kong, Part 2

We next set out to plunder the local markets. The foodstuffs were plentiful, and not just barrels full of hardtack!

After an afternoon of bargaining for necessary plunder (scabbards, anchors, peglegs and the like) in the rain, we sought refuge in another local tavern.

The fair lass contemplates her plunder

We ended up commandeering a novel creation that shivered my timbers something fierce. It's called a 綿綿冰, and is something akin to a giant block of frozen milk shaved into a shivering tower, drizzled with a sauce of your choice and garnished with star-shaped jellies and fruit-filled "pearls" of exploding flavor.

Coconut flavor, with sweetened condensed milk, mango and lychee jellies and orange and pineapple pearls. You think I'm pulling your chain here, me hearties, but I tell ye the truth.

The fair lass ordered taro flavor. Ah, I told ye these south seas were full of worthy plunder.

The next day being Sunday, I stopped at a local canteen to stock up on some food to eat. I'm afraid to say my adventurous spirit had flagged a bit and I wasn't feeling quite up to experimenting with Chinese food preparation in a hotel. But I found a British grocery store that had quite the booty - crusty bread, smoked cheese, and vegetables with hummus dip. Aye, hummus has come to the Far East. The culinary balance of the cosmos may be nearing perfection.

Cold, wet and bedraggled, we holed up in the hull to wait out the rest of the storm . . .

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