Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dancing, Flapping and Indian Mystique

You know what I love and hate about Provo? Endlessly tempting social events. On the one hand, you're totally broke and you have way more homework to do than time to do it. On the other hand, they're putting on a ladies' choice dance and the theme is THE GREAT GATSBY and they're going to have a LIVE SWING BAND. What are you even supposed to do? Protest? Pretend like it's even a choice?

Sigh. No, the only choice is to get out all those Indian spices you bought at Many Lands and call up the most talented dancers you know before the other girls ask them because if you're the one responsible for once for making the casual date night into an Epic Night to Remember, the reputation of the entire female gender is on the line and you're gonna do it right.

The night was kind of a frantic hustle to get everything done; a frantic hustle that also involved me having to put eyeliner places I think no eyeliner has boldly gone before, so I didn't get a lot of pictures taken during the fracas. So here's a quick tour through the endeavor.

I almost hate to admit this but it will be evident soon enough. I . . . um, don't know how to make Indian food. I know, I know, the entire female gender's reputation is on the line; this is my one chance; I'm inviting boys I don't even know so I should probably stick with something surefire so I don't send them running out the door. But it was my pride, friends, my pride.

My poor, dead little pride.

First off: chana masala. Lovely, wonderful. Delicious - rave reviews. You know why? Because I followed a recipe.

Secondly: my efforts at re-inventing Tandoori Chicken. Things I learned: yes, bamboo skewers and bread pans are an acceptable way to roast meat. Also: no, you cannot just cover chicken in a bunch of spices and roast it. There is such a thing as sending your date and your roommates' dates home with gastric ulcers and they're gonna be too dang polite to say anything about it.

The chappati were pretty good. I had even made my own ghee, which ended up being the gift that keeps on giving (see upcoming episodes). The secret is chappati flour - it makes everything better. Even cookies when you run out of white flour. Don't tell anyone!

Yeah... you know what? I don't actually know how to make Indian food.

But it's ok because we look fabulous! And our dates were still alive an hour or two after we ate, which is a good sign, and they even managed to dance, which is even better, and it ended up being a lovely evening despite the fact that I tried to ply everyone with exotic food that I don't actually know anything about. So, um, so much for the Indian Mystique but hooray for costume dances!

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